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How 3D Scanners Work


How 3D Scanners Work

We can define 3D scanners as a device that models, analyzes, draws, and displays real-world environments or solid objects in three dimensions. In this article, we have examined how 3D scanners work and their types for you.

What is 3D Scanner? How does it work?

3D scanners are usually telephone or Computer Aided Design, such as tablets device It works like a video camera. In other words, 3D scanners take a photo of an object. However, while a camera takes two-dimensional photos, the scanner captures the geometry of the surface of the object. The surface geometry captured by the 3D scanners is processed in the 3D model. In other words, it enables the capture of geometric shapes and reconstruction of the physical appearance of concrete objects and allows the rendered view to be displayed on a computer device.

Operation power plays a key role in the performance of 3D scanners. Modern technology We have the ability to create 3D scanners for most of the era. The problem was always that the processing power required to create highly sensitive and dense point clouds (corner sets in a three-dimensional coordinate system) of the physical world exceeded the possible. Recently, we see that this technology is more prominent.

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3D scanners are used in a range of industries, from production to healthcare and VR. High precision 3D physical objects are at the core of all such projects, such as strengthening heavy machinery, quality control of mechanical parts, designing customized prosthetic devices, creating visual effects for movies, developing characters for video games.

Innovative 3D scanners are widely used in industrial design, engineering and manufacturing due to their ability to capture required data quickly and precisely. Without these advanced 3D devices, measurements will need to be collected using old manual methods, which can be very costly and time consuming. Powerful 3D scanning solutions that are useful at every stage of product design, testing, development, start-up and maintenance significantly speed up the workflow and increase productivity by helping avoid costly errors. For example, large objects such as trucks, trains and even planes are best captured with a versatile, stable 3D scanner. Such scanners require minimal control and interaction with the operator, but give accurate results in a short time.

If you plan to scan objects with many complex details but not too large to be captured in high resolution, you can use a hand-held 3D scanner. Handheld 3D tools are flexible and easy to use. Therefore, they can capture small objects and complex geometries with the highest precision.

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Short Range Laser Scan Technology

Short range laser scanners typically cover a depth of field less than a meter. Normally, they use laser triangulation systems that include a source and a sensor. In other words, the source is placed in a known location and the sensor in another known location. The source then hits a laser on the observed object and the sensor receives the light at a known point.
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These scanners use a series of linear light patterns to improve the map of the object, instead of pulling a laser on the object one after another and observing the location of the reflection. The software can triangulate a point cloud scan by observing how linear light paths deviate around the object.

Medium and Long Range Laser Scan Technology

Unlike other technology, laser imaging technology is required for medium and long range scanning systems to work. Lasers, normally known as flight time scanners, use a pulsed system. These systems use highly precise measuring systems that record the time it takes the laser to hit an object and return to picosecond.
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Thanks to the use of 360 ° rotating mirrors, these systems can quickly and easily develop high-precision models of the object. These flight systems use phase shift technology. They modulate the power and amplitude of the laser wave and track the phase change to develop more accurate 3D scans.


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