How to Increase LoL FPS? 5 methods that work


How to Increase LoL FPS ? We want our game to be played fluently while playing computer games. For this, the FPS values we receive must be high. If the received FPS value is low, the game will start to crack and it will put you at a disadvantage especially in competitive games such as League of Legends .

If you are facing this kind of situation, you may want to take a look at the LoL FPS boosting methods we have compiled for you. After performing the steps in this article, you will get a better performance from the game with a 90 percent chance. If you wish, let’s take a look at the methods together without extending the word further.

LoL FPS boosting methods:

  • Change your in-game settings
  • Update your video card drivers
  • Make non-game changes
  • Repair game files
  • Develop hardware

Change your in-game settings

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One of the simplest moves you can do to increase your FPS while playing games is to change the in-game settings. Although this move seems easy, making the right settings is vital for FPS. Although you may think that you are minimizing everything in the graphics settings, any settings you forget may cause your FPS to be low.

If the maximum FPS value you get is 5-10 FPS below your desired value, it will be useful to pull the settings on the VIDEO tab of League of Legends one or two clicks down. If the game is unplayable and you see below 20 FPS, we recommend that you completely lower the settings to avoid this. How to Increase LoL FPS ?

Remember to turn off Anti Aliasing and V-Sync (Vertical Synchronization) while minimizing the graphics settings. If, however, your FPS values do not increase as desired, you can also try to change the resolution setting of the game. In addition, we recommend that you play these games in Full Screen, whatever game you play. If after all, if your FPS values have not increased, let’s move on to the next step.

Update your video card drivers

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Keeping video card drivers up to date is of great importance for FPS values. FPS values may decrease because older and outdated drivers will not be able to optimize the graphics card with the game. This minimizes your game taste and puts you in a disadvantageous situation.

It is always healthier to keep the video card drivers up to date to avoid this kind of situation. To do this, if you do not know the brand of your video card, press Windows + R and write dxdiag in the box that appears. Then come to the Display tab from above and learn the brand and model of your video card.

After obtaining brand and model information, you can search for the brand model of your video card through Google or a similar search engine and reach the current drivers on official websites. After downloading and installing them, the driver of your video card will be updated . We recommend that you always do a clean installation and remove previous documents when doing this. How to Increase LoL FPS ?

Make non-game changes

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If you have tried to lower the in-game settings and have updated your graphics card but have not received any results, making out-of-game changes may also be useful. These changes can be made either by playing with Windows settings or by playing with the settings file of League of Legends.

One of the simplest steps in this step would be to set priority using Task Manager . To do this, open the task manager and go to the details. Then right click on the League of Legends program and select Real Time in the set priority section. This can give the processor more power to the LoL, resulting in increased FPS.

In addition, you can edit some graphic settings that do not appear in the game in the Config file located in the game’s folder. You can increase the FPS by setting the EnableGrassSwaying, Inking and PerPixelPointLighting commands in this file to 0. Although such commands do not appear in the settings in the game, they directly affect the performance.

Repair game files

  • Step # 1: Open League of Legends and log in.
  • Step # 2: After logging in, click the gear icon in the upper right.
  • Step # 3: Start the repair by clicking the Start Full Repair button at the bottom of the General tab that comes up.
  • Step # 4: Depending on the amount of corrupt files, the repair process can take between 5 minutes and 30 minutes.

The game files of League of Legends can become corrupted over time, so FPS drops, dropping and various game errors can occur in the game. In such cases, you can repair these corrupt files by doing the full repair process in League of Legends itself.

Develop hardware


If you have tried all the ways but you still have not achieved a touch that is not possible, there is not much to do. If you are unable to increase your FPS value by any means, this means that you need to buy a new graphics card or processor. Of course, the problem may not only be in these parts, but they are the most basic parts that determine performance.

We have come to the end of our article about how to increase LoL FPS methods. If you have different methods to increase FPS in League of Legends and other games, don’t forget to share them with us in the comments section. This and such play articles will follow, so stay tuned to avoid missing out.

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