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Hyundai Developed Virtual Engine Sound System For Electric Cars


Since they do not have an internal combustion engine and exhaust outlet, electric cars that do not make any noise while driving cause controversy from time to time with these features. Because this silence causes other elements of the road, such as pedestrians and cyclists , to not notice a vehicle approaching them from behind.

As of July 1, 2019, the European Union required the electric vehicles to have a system called ‘Acoustic Vehicle Warning System (AVAS)’ while moving at low speeds in order to prevent accidents that may occur. In short, electric vehicles that do not have internal combustion engines need to sound to alert pedestrians and cyclists, albeit artificially.

Hyunda’s electric vehicles will sound artificial engine to stimulate pedestrians


Hyundai Mobis , a parts supplier of South Korean automaker Hyundai , has announced that it has developed an acoustic vehicle warning sound sound system for electric vehicles using its grille cover. In general, all electric vehicles have a fully enclosed front grille, unlike an internal combustion engine car with an open grill. The company, which designed this component as a speaker, will allow the vehicle to alert pedestrians by making a fake engine sound.

Stating that the virtual engine sound system can also be used for music , Hyundai Mobis stated that the feature is great for outdoor activities such as camping. Explaining that the technology in question has been developed since 2018, the South Korean company reported that two patents related to the system have been registered.

Hyundai says the virtual engine sound system can also be used for music

hyundai akustik ses

Hyundai , one of the largest automotive companies in the world, developed the world’s first QNX-based Active Noise Control system in November last year to completely cut out noise- causing noise such as road and wind noise while the vehicle is in motion . The company plans to integrate both this technology and the virtual engine sound system into its vehicles in the near future.

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